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S&S 76 SHOVEL Church of Choppers – Jeff Wright - #nocoments

Jeff Wright 

Choper Dave's support

Bomb-Pop is Jeff Wright’s entry into the S&S build off. This tall chopper features a stainless steel oil tank, a unique Church of Choppers rear fender/tail section, CoC handlebars, risers. Wiring by Chopper Dave. Gauges by Mooneyes, a PIAA headlight. Hand Controls by Magura, Footcontrols- CoC, Seat- CoC / Cris Young, . Oil Lines- CoC / Earls, Taillight- Hot Docks chromed. Paint: Jay Leyden / Randy Kent Fuel System- Super E, Exhaust- Church of Choppers, Ignition- Joe Hunt, Clutch- Cyclone, Primary Drive- Tech Cycle, Final Drive- Chain, Front Suspension- RaceTech / Hickman Racing, Finish- Ti-Nitrite, Triple Trees- Jim Hickman, Gas Tank- Old egg / Church of Choppers, Modifications- alot.
Extract from https://badasshelmetstore.com/

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